If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude.
– Maya Angelou

26th MAY 2022


A few years ago I hired a business coach to help me stay the course in developing my business; after all every coach should have a coach, right?

Kate had an expression that I fell in love with - "I'll let you drive that BMW around the block once and then you are going to park it!" 🤔

You might not understand why she was saying this to her clientele until you understand that BMW stands for "Bitch, Moan, and Whine"! My coach effectively allowed me to do an emotional dump about what ever was my biggest challenge that week, but I was not allowed to stay in that mindset of "woe is me". We would always move on to discover what action I could take to make it better.

It reminds me that everything in life is a choice - including our emotions and our ability to be happy. Did you know scientist have found that 80% of our thoughts have a negative bias and 96% of our thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday? When you look at the grand scheme of survival, it makes sense. We need to have that negative bias to avoid danger so we can keep living. However, do we really need 80% of our thoughts to be negative such that it robs us of happiness - NO!

Since becoming a certified trainer for Marci Shimoff's Happy for No Reason program, my life is more often HAPPY than not! 😃

The three things that really help me live a happier life are 1) live in the moment; 2) give gratitude for all that you have, and 3) be super curious about everything - especially when things didn't go according to plan.

Keep reading to find more ways to improve your happiness by stopping some negative patterns. Also, please note your long term happiness does not rely on another person or thing giving you happiness. It's an inside job!

Taking the LEAP with you!


We all seek that elusive quality of “happiness.”

Here are some things you can place your awareness on and STOP so you can be happier.

1. Impressing.

  • What you have —your possessions, your accomplishments—don’t result in real relationship or lasting happiness. I've met plenty of people with very few possessions who were wonderfully happy.

2. Blaming.  

  • Your response to any situation is your choice. Try making it a learning opportunity—taking responsibility is empowering. Be curious, "what lesson can I learn from this?"

3. Controlling.

  • It doesn't help you feel good about yourself. Honor your boundaries, but make space for others' needs and choices, too.

4. Criticizing.

  • We are all unique and different, not better or worse. Appreciate the differences instead of zeroing in on shortcomings. Focus on the positive

5. Whining.

  • Complaining is ineffective, whereas asking for what you want is liberating. Remember, you want to park that BMW quickly.

6. Clinging to what is known.

  • When you’re feeling afraid or insecure, be willing to let go of the familiar, take a risk and try something new. And ask for help to move out of your comfort zone - that's were the real personal growth lies.

7. Being Ungrateful.

  • Stay aware of all the gifts and blessings that you do have. Express gratitude everyday and happiness will follow. You may even discover that the more you are grateful for what you already have, the more things come to you!

8. Preaching.

  • Another form of judging. When we judge others, we are effectively judging the things we don't like about ourselves. Find fun and empowering ways to share your knowledge. Have massive empathy.

9. Negative Self-talk.

  • Train yourself to notice your mind's chatter. Working towards changing negative thoughts to positive ones will transform your life. Remember, you are not running away from a Saber tooth tiger so you do not need all those negative thoughts!

10. Fear.

  • Don’t let fear get in the way of progress. Whatever you’ve been dreaming, take action to make it a reality. As Dr. Susan Jeffers said, "Feel the fear and do it anyway."


Awareness is the first step to bringing about change! 
For the next week or so...pay attention to when you are blocking your own happiness and when you notice it, take a few minutes to jot it down! Download this helpful worksheet to keep track!

I would love to hear from you about what you discovered. Any A-ha moments? You can write to me here: renee@reneeblasky.com

RESOURCES and more...

Happy for No Reason

Scientific research has found our happiness is not dependent upon our situations, our genetics, or our environment. So, what does this mean for each of us? 

It means we can quit saying, “I’ll be happy when I get a bigger house, more money, or I find the love of my life”. Or, “I’ll be happy when I get a new job, a new boss, or start my own business”. We can take action now to change the way we think and feel – to change from within. 

I feel so privileged being a Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer, helping people find inner happiness! Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary LEAPSTART Session with me HERE.


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Renée Blasky is the Founder and CEO of The LEAP Network Ltd.

Renée discovered her business and mindset coaching super powers when she was approached by a woman looking for assistance in developing a business opportunity.  She hasn’t looked back since.  Coaching women fits with her passion to empower women so they live a fulfilled life and make choices from a foundation of personal power, financial freedom and a deep sense of accomplishment.

Through her own experiences, as well as coaching women entrepreneurs and women in finance, Renée understands women often undermine their confidence and self-esteem. Consequently, they jeopardize their success paths, and mental fitness. As mindset accounts for an estimated 80% of success and happiness, Renée helps her clients to understand the lies they are telling themselves, how they are sabotaging their performance, wellness and relationships and helps them to establish a new journey to thrive utilizing their superpowers.

Renée helps her clients find clarity, regain their passion, set stick-worthy goals, stay focused, create the right mindset, and be accountable.  She also gently pushes her clients outside of their comfort zones and helps them face their fears so they can achieve their dreams. Renée works with her clients through various online courses, webinars, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching programs.

Renée, who trained as a life coach with Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, is also a certified trainer for Marci Shimoff's Happy for No Reason and Susan Jeffer's Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway courses based on their respective books of the same name. She is also in the process of getting certified in the Positive Intelligence® program to increase her client’s mental fitness.

Renée is aptly qualified to coach women entrepreneurs and women in investments having founded two of her own businesses; investment management consulting services and business coaching. She is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and loves multi-cultural environments, having lived abroad for 35 years with assignments in 13 countries. She obtained her Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charter in 1990, and has over 30 years of experience in the investment/finance industry.  She is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Finance.  She has also received various awards and recognition in the investment industry through her work with the CFA Institute and the development of capital markets in East Africa.

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